Compliance List

Compliance is often made complex with the legal jargon used. As experts we experienced in reading through this regulated legal jargon and ensuring its application into and throughout your company’s administration procedures. 

Also its application on how the company interacts with existing and potential clients from the sales pitch, and other marketing front end publicity, includes the gathering of information for eventually signing the customer to use the company’s service or product.

Send through your regulated rules and the platform you use to communicate to your clients. BoboSoho office closest to you will reply to your specific questions (free service). If your require a compliance expert to apply your regulated regulations throughout your marketing process, then contact us with your specific mission and we will reply with a service proposition. This we can action via internet or at your company premises depending on the complexity of the mission.

Accounting compliance is similar to all countries which require the processing of all transactions correctly into the accounting books (software) of each company. What changes is the way the GL general ledger transactions are reported to form the BL (Balance sheet), PL (profit & loss statement), sales tax reporting and amongt other the payroll reporting to your local government office. Further processing formats may differ for some task, like leasing, credit, depreciation….and so on. If you using specific GAAP for your country and need input. Send us your question and we will reply (free service). For specific missions send BFIN the details and we will provide you with a service proposition. We may apply this service over the internet or at your premises. This will depend on the mission brief you send us.

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