Fixed Business Packages

Fixed Business Pack

Fixed Business Packages

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Payment can be made in these currencies [EUR(€), USD($), GBP(£), AUD($), BRL(R$), CAD($), CNY(¥), CZK(Kč), DKK(kr), HKD($), HUF(ft), ILS(₪), JPY(¥), MYR(RM), MXN(₱), NZD($), NOK(kr), PHP(₱), PLN(zł), RUB(₽), SGD($), SEK(kr), CHF(CHF), THB(฿)]. Select when processing payment.


your plan
1 user, (1 per monthly/ 12 €$£ pay yearly) 2 users, (1.67 per monthly/ 20 €$£ pay yearly) 15 users, (5.67 per monthly/ 68 €$£ pay yearly) 25 users, (6.67 per monthly/ 80 €$£ pay yearly) 50 users, (12.08 per monthly/ 145 €$£ pay yearly) 75 users, (16.25 per monthly/ 195 €$£ pay yearly) 100 users, (20.42 per monthly/ 245 €$£ pay yearly)
Master(Admin) Dashboard 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Individual Users Dashboard 1 2 15 25 50 75 100

(Included Per User)
1 Email Account 2 Email Account 15 Email Account 25 Email Accounts 50 Email Accounts 75 Email Accounts 100 Email Accounts

(HR for Per User)
HR 5 HR 5 HR 15 HR 25 HR 50 HR 150 HR 150


Bobosoho Vault

#Cloud account for document photos and videos

Nanny DN-HR payroll for Domestic workers
(1 per master dashboard)

#We offer Nanny. D for domestic workers Payroll HR 5, free with bobosoho words, notes to assist you in legalizing and professionally paying your domestic workers via Nanny. D Software. HR payroll also includes attendance register, payslips creation, post attendance and apply for holidays, includes time management for sick leave, absent, early dispatcher for the day and any other time that must be reincorporated. All recovered and automatically goes to the payslip at the end of month. Also included observation review, module between you and the employee. And you can give the feedback of the performance, also included inline communications between you and the employee where they can ask and request time of holidays, info their sick. All legalized and documented to prevent issues between you and your domestic employee, this HR domestic payroll is a must for all domestic workers employed by anyone and it makes your HR measurement features easy.

GL Accounting (1 per master dashboard)

#The accounting pack is included which may be beneficial to households accounting or even for your small business business activity, it is the base of a professional GL accounting and you are given free training (request this) and may use video, the support team is available by a simple click, once mastered you will at home with the pack.

Project manager and account (1 per master dashboard)

#This could be used for personal projects, holiday preparations, building projects and what ever project the family may be involved in, it brings together all task of input members and shows you the detail input and advancement progress with a glance.

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“HR Payroll included in office suits for family nanny D or small home business 5 employee and for business included from 25 employee to 100 employee, included in office suits with no hidden cost”

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