Bobosoho Application Platform Why Use BoBoSoHo??

Become a BOBOSOHO Member for Unlimited Dedicated Application Access.

Online invoicing

Apps: Budget, Invoice, Accounting, Payroll Classic, HR, Calculator.

Mobile Phone App via WIFI/G Client Support, SQ Model Application, Video Conference, Notepad with Spreadsheets Tools and many more apps.

Online invoicing

Cost effective and unlimited platform access for members.  

Online invoicing

Email from anywhere with apps (guranteed anti spam), sms/chat

Online invoicing

Data Secured: Secured your data in (128-bit SSL Encryption)

Online invoicing

Access direct to cloud and with application at the same time

Some member Features have access to applications across the board, and select what suits you at unbelievable member prices, save up to 50% and more on yearly subscripts

Membership Packages

Membership Level 1

120€ yearly(10€ monthly)

  • For 2 Applications

Membership Level 2

180€ yearly(15€ monthly)

  • For 3 Applications

Membership Level 3

420€ yearly(35€ monthly)

  • For 14 Applications

Membership Level 4

780€ yearly(65€ monthly)

  • For Unlimited 20 Applications

Suits all clients.

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