Privacy Policy

Privacy policy, security & our conditions and applicable law

Privacy policy respect

We do not give your information to anyone! All your data, and online software data is for your use and in total security & privacy. If forward a request in writing – we will not backup your data, meaning you doing this yourself. It is standard policy to back up date for security, in case you need a copy. We use your details to list you as a client and to interact with you ourselves, we do not sell or give your details to anyone. It will or may be used to send you a newsletter, updates, and invoicing. We will probably ask you to send us proof of ID, registration & address to protect you and your data, as you may request access changes and we need to verify you for security before making any changes. And when we do please be patient as this is for your own protection.

Self protection

You must protect your access code to your software and make your staff sign a confidentiality disclosure regulation agreement. We do not view your code and are unable to send it if you phone. You need to use the loss password system.

Our conditions are binding for clients

Using our software and accounting services universally within your country. Using our software for companies in your country is accepted standard as bookkeeping, invoicing and general accounting procedures are universal, and to be precise with your reporting in your country check on your accounting regulations, and if you require some info email us immediately and we will reply within 72 hours with the information you require. Our products are developed according to universal GAAP, IAS and IFRS standards. Even though accounting is a universal standardized procedure from way back, but do not forget to ask for your country regulation updates, as we do on a continued basis, note some local regulations change each year. Accounting procedures are the same but regulations may differ. So ask us for information as we do not provide each regulation detailed per country on our web site, instead we will reply to your questions with references. Therefore the softdrive terms and conditions complied within regulated universal procedures, and construed in accordance with International commercial law universally. The courts of any country will have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any claim, dispute or difference concerning these terms and conditions and any matters arising from it.

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