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BoboSoho Application Platform. Also Available..

Email With Anti Spam Security

Secure email hosting for your business or personnel use

Host your business or personnel email on a secure, encrypted, privacy-guaranteed, spam free and ad-free email service.

Get started with ad-free email.

Professional email with calendar, tasks, notes, and bookmarks. Get [email protected] now.

BoBoSoHo Connect

Coming soon ….

BoboSoho connect application, is actually a mobile phone using wifi or G network. it opens up on your screen when activated giving you access to call any number worldwide, email, fax, sms all with affordable buy plans, like 5$€£ two hours call sms time for example, also it allows FREE Calls between your members, chat, Snap Shot Photo Sharing, security again important with secured verifying your payment system is valid and owned by the subscriber. This means security is a major criteria on bobosoho

BoBoSoHo Meeting Place

Coming soon ….

BoboSoho Meeting Place is a social and business service where people can talk to and connect with other people. You new in town, or looking to make friends :You can connect to people with the same interests (like football, schools, dogs), or make friends or connect to someone with the similar professions. or you looking for a serious relationship. If you work for yourself, have your own micro, small business you can create your own marketplace and sell your products with no commission, monthly cost would be 5.95€$£ for small business, artisans, and bigger business another type of subscription with no commission, on bobosoho market place it is your payment system, or if you need one bobosoho will provide. You can place job adverts, and job request. Note bobosoho will provides an advertising platform to earn revenue and help you advertise. So soon you can connect to new make friends and look for serious relationships also, sell products and services, place job or request ads, create your own profile to connect or sell your products

**Bobosoho gives you guarantee of real profiles. No fake profiles. We handle scamming very strictly

**Coming soon in 2022.

Also Available in BOBOSOHO Platform

Become a BOBOSOHO Member for Unlimited Dedicated Application Access.

Online invoicing

Apps: Budget, Invoice, Accounting, Payroll Classic, HR, Calculator.

Mobile Phone App via WIFI/G Client Support, SQ Model Application, Video Conference, Notepad with Spreadsheets Tools and many more apps.

Online invoicing

Cost effective and unlimited platform access for members.  

Online invoicing

Email from anywhere with apps (guranteed anti spam), sms/chat

Online invoicing

Data Secured: Secured your data in (128-bit SSL Encryption)

Online invoicing

Access direct to cloud and with application at the same time

Some member Features have access to applications across the board, and select what suits you at unbelievable member prices, save up to 50% and more on yearly subscripts

Membership Packages

Membership Level 1

120€ yearly(10€ monthly)

  • For 2 Applications

Membership Level 2

180€ yearly(15€ monthly)

  • For 3 Applications

Membership Level 3

420€ yearly(35€ monthly)

  • For 14 Applications

Membership Level 4

780€ yearly(65€ monthly)

  • For Unlimited 20 Applications

Suits all clients.

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